What’s in a name? Well, a lot, actually… Introducing Integrated Logistics

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Guest Blog by David Broering, President, Integrated Logistics

It was clear from the beginning, when I joined NFI nearly a decade ago, that NFI’s existing set of services would partner seamlessly with a non-asset-based business model. The company was built in a way that non-asset business would drive greater overall results to the organization, and it was evident the business was on a path toward long-term success in the space.

While the advantages a larger organization brings to individual services are endless, they can also create challenges for sub-businesses under the same umbrella. A company known for its transportation and warehousing services, NFI’s other areas of expertise were often overlooked by the market. Sub-businesses that were trying to execute their strategy, work to build their value propositions, and expand their customer-base found challenges staking claim in their expertise. 

As NFI’s non-asset based logistics team began to come together with the addition of Transportation Management (2014) and Canadian Brokerage and Intermodal (2017), to the core US Brokerage business that was founded in 2008, the team was in need of a name to bring these business together. Our DNA at NFI is in our assets, it’s what founded the business 90 years ago, and still continues to be the driving force behind the organization. As a result of that asset-centrism, the division was differentiated from Dedicated Transportation and Distribution by calling it “Non-Asset Based Transportation (NABT)”. Inevitably, the shortened version, “Non-Asset,” was born. 

It made sense to bring that internal language to the market in an attempt to be clear about who we are and what the NFI Non-Asset team did. The purpose was to avoid confusion in the overall market and with our partners on the team’s goals and the services contained within the division. Fast forward to 2022 and US Intermodal (2018), Global Freight Forwarding (2020), as well as an acquisition (CAI in August of 2020) have all been added to the fold — each of which have significantly expanded NFI’s scope and capabilities in the non-asset-based logistics world. As we have brought these businesses together and work to cross-pollinate our talent and processes, we continue to see expanded value for the overall NFI business and it’s core customers. 

NFI’s main focus in any omnichannel solution for enterprise-wide customers is to make the integrated service solution as seamless as possible. It’s a key place where we drive value to our customers; working with a diverse set of services from one supply chain partner and with as little duplicative processes as possible. As our team’s services and expertise have grown, and as we continue to work across business lines outside of the non-asset world, a more appropriate name was needed to unite us all again.

We are pleased to introduce NFI Integrated Logistics, formerly known as NFI Non-Asset.

The core operating business of Integrated Logistics will have the same components — Brokerage, Transportation Management, Intermodal, and Global Freight Forwarding — and will continue to be the people-led and technology-enabled team it’s been from the beginning. We will be operating under a new name and a renewed philosophy:

Bringing value to our shipper and carrier partners by connecting in the most flexible and scalable way possible. 

As we continue our journey to becoming a broad and deep non-asset based logistics operation, our team is continually focused on bringing value at every interaction, and relentlessly expanding capacity to serve our customers.

We are excited for the future and the opportunity to use this new look to renew our focus and intention for our Integrated Logistics employees, our company, and our partners. I am looking forward to another decade of growth and development and a continuation of our overall success in the ever changing world we live in!

Joining NFI in 2012, Dave Broering leads NFI’s Integrated Logistics team, providing brokerage, transportation management, intermodal, and global freight forwarding solutions to shipper and carrier partners. His team brings value to its partners by connecting in the most flexible and scalable ways possible.