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Supply Chain Link is your connection to the industry’s best practices and insights. As the industry evolves, we want to provide you with knowledgeable information that can be applied across the entire supply chain, specifically in areas like transportation, distribution, intermodal, global, real estate, and brokerage. Our 80 years of industry experience and over 8,000 employees give us different perspectives and solutions to many logistics challenges and problems that businesses face. Supply Chain Link will be your resource for the industry’s latest topics as well as a helpful place to answer a variety of questions.

There will be a new post written every week to keep you informed. Once a month, we’ll publish a post dedicated to drivers. Our “Driver Digest” will cover topics like helpful safety tips, best rest stops for truckers, and career advice from experienced drivers.

Have a question or comment on a particular post? We’d be happy to hear from you. Let us know in the comments below or fill out the Learn More form. Check back regularly for new content and subscribe to receive our updates via email. You can also get more updates by liking us on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you for reading; we look forward to being your industry connection.