Hain Celestial Case Study

Sales and Supply Chain Alignment with Transportation Management

Uncover how a tailored transportation management solution improved network visibility and reduced the risk of disruption for Hain Celestial.

Supply Chain Innovation

Hain Celestial faced a complex challenge. Over decades, their success in the health and wellness industry led to numerous acquisitions, resulting in a decentralized network of distribution centers and plants nationwide. This setup caused issues with service, duplicated processes, and compromised data integrity, all impacting the bottom line. Even more alarming, the decentralized network was at risk of jeopardizing a new company-wide growth initiative.

Discover how NFI’s strategic collaboration and transportation management solutions improved Hain Celestial’s supply chain visibility, minimized risks, and fostered network harmonization, enabling their team to achieve their growth objectives.

Collaboration in Action

Collaboration in Action

“Our strong partnership with NFI provides us with a competitive edge. Their profound knowledge of the Hain Celestial supply chain aligns with ours, enabling us to collaborate effectively and deliver solutions and cost savings to our network faster than ever before.”

Brent Laurin

SVP of Global Customer Supply Chain, Hain Celestial