Is Your Supply Chain Social?

A supply chain’s success is heavily dependent on the ability of different entities to collaborate effectively. Miscommunication can completely derail an order. Synchronized communication is one of the largest problems supply chain professionals face – fortunately technology can help. As technology advances so do the opportunities for industries to take advantage of improving their processes… Continue reading Is Your Supply Chain Social?


Natural Gas Costs Went Down in 2014 and Here’s Why

Transporting goods is a major expense in a company’s supply chain. In fact, transportation costs make up about 63% of total logistics expenses1. Trucking alone comprises about 48% of logistics costs. Companies are always looking for ways to cut costs and improve efficiency and one way to accomplish this is by using natural gas. Natural… Continue reading Natural Gas Costs Went Down in 2014 and Here’s Why


Welcome to Supply Chain Link

Supply Chain Link is your connection to the industry’s best practices and insights. As the industry evolves, we want to provide you with knowledgeable information that can be applied across the entire supply chain, specifically in areas like transportation, distribution, intermodal, global, real estate, and brokerage. Our 80 years of industry experience and over 8,000… Continue reading Welcome to Supply Chain Link