Digital Twin

Digital Twin

People-led, technology enabled

NFI’s Digital Twin technology enables our transportation management team to deliver more for our customers through advanced analytics.

What is a Digital Twin?

Visualize your entire network with a tool that uses your data to strategically plan and execute your supply chain. A Digital Twin is a virtual or digital copy of your business used to analyze your operation. This in-house technology collects all of the data points for the steps within your supply chain to identify continuous improvement opportunities.

The Deep Dive On Digital Twin

    The digital twin technology pieces together the story of your supply chain so that you can:

    • Make deliberate network decisions guided by operational experts
    • Unleash the full power of your data with analytic capabilities and collaborative consulting
    • Design creative solutions unique to your network by teaming with NFI’s engineering experts
    • Understand the fine balance between cost, service, and risk

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    The Key For Effective Supply Chain Planning

    NFI is enabling customers to execute contingency plans that more effectively address industry disruptions.

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