2022 NFI Wrapped

2022 NFI Wrapped

Reading Time: 6 minutes 90 Years of Excellence: A Story Still In The Making This year, NFI celebrated its 90th Anniversary, a milestone only made possible by the dedication of our people and partnerships with our customers. Since 1932 we’ve worked to build a culture that empowers employees, embraces innovation, and reinforces our commitment to customers. We thank those… Continue reading 2022 NFI Wrapped


What’s in a name? Well, a lot, actually… Introducing Integrated Logistics

Reading Time: 3 minutes Guest Blog by David Broering, President, Integrated Logistics It was clear from the beginning, when I joined NFI nearly a decade ago, that NFI’s existing set of services would partner seamlessly with a non-asset-based business model. The company was built in a way that non-asset business would drive greater overall results to the organization, and… Continue reading What’s in a name? Well, a lot, actually… Introducing Integrated Logistics


2022 Intermodal Outlook

Reading Time: 4 minutes An Interview with NFI’s RVP of Intermodal Operations, Mark McKendry The Intermodal market has faced unprecedented volatility and supply-side shortages for the past nineteen months. Many of the challenges facing the industry were well-publicized and could be categorized as five distinct, albeit deeply connected, issues: Consumer behavior Chassis shortages Drayage driver shortages Labor availability Port… Continue reading 2022 Intermodal Outlook


How to Navigate the Complexities of Today’s Drayage Market

Reading Time: 3 minutes North America’s drayage market is as complex as ever. Congestion at the ports, increasing demurrage costs, competition for chassis, and other mounting issues have created havoc for shippers attempting to get a hold of their supply chain. As NFI continues to help customers navigate through the intricacies of the continent’s port complexes, NFI Vice President… Continue reading How to Navigate the Complexities of Today’s Drayage Market


Intermodal 2021 Outlook

Reading Time: 6 minutes Intermodal 2021 Outlook Featuring Mark McKendry, Regional Vice President of Intermodal at NFI What do you think is in store for the intermodal market in 2021? One thing we’re going to see in 2021, alongside incremental capacity gains, is incremental price increases. When supply and demand dictate that price must go up, it absolutely will,… Continue reading Intermodal 2021 Outlook


2018 Supply Chain Year in Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes This past year, the supply chain industry evolved to accommodate numerous factors, such as advances in technologies like automation, tightening capacity, and the ELD mandate. NFI’s executive team shares their insight into the top trends of 2018. William Mahoney, Senior Vice President Distribution NFI’s distribution and cross-docking business continues to grow organically and through acquisition… Continue reading 2018 Supply Chain Year in Review


Perishables: Relying on Rail

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Federal Highway Administration has projected that United States freight shipments will increase 41 percent by 2040.1 As shipments increase, factors such as the driver shortage and newly-implemented electronic logging devices have impacted truckload capacity. Diversifying modes of transportation can help address capacity constraints and keep freight moving.2 Intermodal, or rail shipping, has proven to… Continue reading Perishables: Relying on Rail


Intermodal Industry Outlook: 2018

Reading Time: 6 minutes David Broering, President, Integrated Solutions at NFI, and Mark McKendry, Vice President of Intermodal, share their expectations for the coming year. The intermodal marketplace is one that is always predicated on the strength of the overall transportation market, and more broadly, the economy. As the U.S. economy accelerated in 2017, and along with it the… Continue reading Intermodal Industry Outlook: 2018