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Is A Dedicated Fleet Right For Your Network?

Transportation is a key component in your supply chain and businesses are always looking for ways to optimize their operations. Dedicated Transportation can be a great way for companies to save time and money while repositioning their focus to their core business. Incorporating a dedicated fleet into your network may seem like a daunting task and outsourcing is a big decision for companies to make since there is a lot to consider.

Over 80% of companies outsource some or the entirety of their supply chain components1. In the 2014 18th Annual Third Party Logistics Study surveyed companies that outsource their logistics services and found that these companies reported that outsourcing reduced their logistics costs by an average of 11%2. The first step if you’re considering incorporating dedicated transportation is to look at the state of your current network. There are numerous factors to deliberate in the decision making process. Analyzing components like capacity, safety, and driver retention are all things to acknowledge. Answer the questions in the matrix below to determine if a dedicated fleet is right for you.