Committed to a Greener Tomorrow

NFI implements eco-friendly solutions to protect communities for generations to come.

Doing Our Part

As one of our core values, NFI’s focus on social responsibility drives us to find ways to make a positive impact on your business and the communities it serves. We’ve taken action to help our customers meet their sustainability goals. Whether we’re implementing new technologies to reduce carbon footprints, or finding innovative ways to lower emissions, you can count on NFI to help you move your green initiatives forward.

Volvo Lights Project

We’re dedicated to building fleets for the future.
As a Volvo LIGHTS project partner, NFI has committed to bringing battery electric trucks out of the demonstration phase for everyday use. The Volvo LIGHTS project is part of a statewide initiative in California to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, strengthen the economy, and improve public health and the environment. In 2020, NFI began piloting Volvo VNR Electric trucks into our commercial operations.

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Electric Innovation Fleet

NFI delivers more while using less.
As a member of the Freightliner Electric Innovation Fleet, NFI was one of the first companies to deploy the eCascadia into its commercial operations. Known as one of the leading manufacturers of electric vehicles, we currently run 10 Daimler Freightliner eCascadias and have built electric charging infrastructure into our operations in Southern California.

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Electric Terminal Tractor

The wellbeing of our employees continues to be a focus at NFI.
To help further our zero emission initiatives, NFI partnered with Cargotec and received 27 Kalmar Ottawa Electric T2E terminal tractors to use in a California distribution center. The Kalmar Ottawa T2E tractor features lithium-ion battery technology and a fully electric powertrain that produces less fumes and emissions.

The Green Warehouse

Embedding eco-conscious methods into our warehouses across North America.
Our sites use clean technology and material handling equipment including propane-powered forklifts, lithium battery forklift demonstration units, and robotic stretch wrapping to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact. NFI builds all new construction to meet LEED standards, helping our facilities to run more efficiently while reducing costs and prioritizing climate safety.

Sustainability Recognition

High Performer

Advanced Clean Transportation Expo Fleet Award for Shippers and Carriers

Top 75 Green Supply Chain Partner

We’re hiring growth-minded people with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for teamwork and innovation.