How a Privately Held 3PL Fulfills eCommerce Expectations

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Since 1932, NFI has grown to be one of the largest privately held and family-owned 3PL providers in North America. As eCommerce grew, so did customers’ requests to support their eCommerce fulfillment. From apparel to footwear, NFI began to create customized multichannel solutions for customers. With a unique position in the eCommerce fulfillment market, partnering with a well-established, private, family-owned eCommerce fulfillment provider has various benefits.

Expertise and Scalability

Fulfillment is a complex and ever-changing industry. Working with a private 3PL provider gives eCommerce companies access to a team of resources that have experience developing unique solutions for customers within eCommerce and across various verticals. The NFI eCom team has a deep understanding of fulfillment and can provide expertise on everything from carrier selection to inventory management. Additionally, NFI’s ownership has a strategy to continue investing back into the business so brands can be sure the operation is utilizing the most effective technology and infrastructure. 

Facility Flexibility

One of the most significant benefits of working with a private 3PL provider is flexibility and scalability. As a business grows, its logistics needs will also change. NFI eCom can provide the flexibility to adjust to changing needs quickly. If a company needs to expand its distribution network, NFI eCom can help set up new facilities or provide access to existing ones. Many eCommerce companies utilize shared distribution space for dropshipping with multiple tenants, and as they grow, so do their space requirements. With over 70 million square feet, NFI allows companies to grow and scale their businesses without disruption. Across NFI’s network, there are various levels of automation. From fully automated to manual pick and pack facilities, NFI eCom provides customized solutions that align with the customer’s needs.

Reduce Costs

Working with a private 3PL provider can help companies reduce costs in several ways. For example, NFI eCom has established relationships with multiple carriers and has great rates for shipping and transportation. With this, Customers can benefit from economies of scale and reduce transportation costs. NFI eCom also utilizes technology to ensure products are dimensionalized correctly to streamline the shipping process and ensure appropriate packaging is used to eliminate waste.

A Long-Term Focus

Private companies typically have different investment strategies with a long-term focus. Working with a private 3PL, companies like NFI eCom, have more flexibility and autonomy in their investment strategies, which allows them to pursue unique opportunities and tailor their investments to the specific needs of their customers.

Focus on the End-Consumer Experience

Customer satisfaction is critical to the success of any business, but in the digital marketplace, a company’s reputation is important as ever. NFI eCom treats your business as our own, identifying opportunities to optimize and improve customer satisfaction by providing faster delivery times, better order accuracy, and increased visibility into the supply chain. NFI eCom has the technology and expertise to manage inventory, process orders, and handle returns efficiently. The NFI eCom team is an extension of your business, to provide an outstanding customer experience and increase customer loyalty. 

Dedicated Account Management

Across the NFI organization, solutions are implemented with a people-led, technology-enabled approach. Each customer has a dedicated team with a Customer Success manager solely responsible for a successful operation and your growth support strategy. The Customer Success team is the primary customer contact, escalates any challenges to address before the end-user is impacted, and identifies opportunities for an improved customer experience. 

Being a privately held, family-owned organization, NFI eCom provides eCommerce companies with an unparalleled customer-centric approach to fulfillment. Visit nfiecom.com to learn more.