Choosing a Global Freight Forwarder

Reading Time: 3 minutes

A guest blog post by Mike Greco, Senior Vice President at NFI Global

Within the dynamic global freight market, importers and exporters alike are constrained by the expense, risk, urgencies, and complexities of international shipping. When choosing a freight forwarder to keep their business moving, shippers should expect a seamless experience that enables them to focus on their core business. A reliable logistics partner should have the adaptability and reach to provide a truly end-to-end solution. Here are four things to look for when partnering with a freight forwarder:

1. Demonstrates agility

The ideal freight forwarder needs to have the market insight and flexibility to anticipate any challenge in a constantly shifting global landscape. They should have quick reflexes and demonstrated expertise in order to adapt and deliver. Shippers know the pressures of sensitive timelines, freight costs, and the need to scale with their growth. In addition to balanced air and ocean solutions, look for a partner with experience with multi-modal solution designs and enhanced port, border, and customs brokerage services. When some of our most in-demand clients needed shipping space and urgent mobility during the COVID-19 pandemic, NFI was able to charter multiple ships to move their cargo on time. NFI’s multi-carrier method and creative agility ensure our partners have the most effective options tailored to their needs.

2. Maximizes integrated solutions

If you want a global partner to make your shipping program as seamless as possible, they will need the right tools. Ease of access to the facts and data about your supply chain is a major differentiator, and integrating all of the business processes related to your cargo — purchase order management, billing, tracking, and final delivery processes — should be transparent and simple. Your forwarder should be able to completely manage your international shipments and deliver a full suite of end-to-end solutions. They’ll need technology-enabled solutions to keep you informed and assured that every component of the international shipping process, like customs brokerage and compliance, is taken care of with transparency and ease. Better data from NFI’s best-in-class global TMS comes with better shipping solutions, like reducing more costly LCL shipments across the global network without sacrificing inventory needs. 

3. Partners to propel your business

Service providers should be as invested in your business as you are, knowing your growth and success matter. That’s why the most successful 3PLs are dedicated to their clients as partners. A global logistics provider that prioritizes relationships — with its clients, vendors, and its people – will always have superior service, skill, and attention to detail. A well-established, family-owned partner like NFI knows what it takes to provide an unparalleled level of customer service. In times of global uncertainty, a reputable company with a steady hand and growth mindset propels the growth of all of its partners. As one of the oldest and largest privately-held 3PLs in North America, we pride ourselves on the dedication and empowerment of our people to go above and beyond for customer success. 

4. Expertise in your field

The expertise required to handle your cargo comes from experience in your field. Any forwarder can ship goods, but your freight has its own requirements and demands attention to every detail. A partnership with a forwarder that knows your cargo inside and out will help you meet your most important business ambitions and reach customers across the globe. When choosing a forwarder, select for and take advantage of specialized expertise. At NFI, that means customers in need of refrigerated, oversized, and specialized handling have a unique department designed specifically for those shipments. By getting to know our customers and making them part of the NFI family, we are intimately acquainted with the specific and specialty needs of their cargo and can get it delivered anywhere around the world.

Joining NFI in 2017, Mike Greco brings years of industry expertise to the organization and is in charge of NFI’s North American global business, where he works to seamlessly provide end-to-end solutions for NFI customers.