A message from our CEO, Sid Brown

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Below is a message about George Floyd from our CEO, Sid Brown for our employees:

As all of us have witnessed the senseless death of George Floyd and the protests that have spread throughout the country over the past few days, I have had a wide range of emotions. I am deeply saddened by and angry about the murder of George Floyd and the fact that systemic racism and injustice still exist in our society. I am also concerned about the safety of our employees, both those who have been taking part in the protests and those who have otherwise been impacted by those protests. We take this personally — NFI is a diverse and united family of more than 12,000 employees, and the Black community is a valued part of that family. I want you to know that we stand together in the ongoing battle against hate, discrimination and injustice.  

Our core values continue to guide us and remain the foundation upon which we behave. Integrity calls on us to be a company with zero tolerance for racism and discrimination. Social Responsibility encourages us to support the communities in which we work and live in order to ensure that all our voices are heard as so many seek to root out injustice. And Safety requires us to provide not only a safe physical workplace but also a safe environment for our employees to be free from, and report, acts of hatred or violence.

NFI remains committed to addressing this issue. In 2019, we created a Diversity & Inclusion Council, and I will be meeting with the Committee to discuss its recommendations on how our organization can more effectively support our employee base now and in the future. We are also exploring ways in which we can strengthen our support in the communities in which we live and work, including Camden, New Jersey. 

These are hard times, but we are optimistic that our collective actions will start to drive change. All of us need to be there for our coworkers because the best way to get through this is by supporting each other. There is no doubt that the events of the past few days have taken an emotional toll on a lot of people. Employees who have been affected can reach out to our Employee Assistance Program, EmployeeConnect, which offers free, confidential services for you and your family. Visit GuidanceResources.com to learn more, or call 888-628-4824.  

The diversity of our employees is what has made NFI such a great place to work. We must stand together, not just with the Black community but with all minority groups, in the fight for human rights and social justice. I commit to you that we will work tirelessly to do what’s right and make a difference.

-Sid Brown