NFI has been in the transportation logistics business for over 75 years.


Dedicated TransportationAt NFI Dedicated, we fully appreciate the pressures our customers are under to stretch their transportation budgets. We understand what you are going through. We have helped our customers find ways to redirect funds back into their core businesses and reduce their risk and liability. And all this while maintaining and even improving premium service levels for them.





NFI offers a range of customized solutions – to list just a few:

  • on-demand fleets
  • highly specialized delivery and equipment application
  • JIT Team and production-environment delivery; including unattended
  • private fleet replacement or supplementation
  • variable equipment needs
  • highly skilled drivers
  • customer service support
  • on-site logistics managers
  • supply chain engineers
  • 24 hour web-based visibility via our NaviTrace system

Dedicated Transportation ServicesOne of our areas of specialization is direct-to-consumer market delivery. Many large grocery, paper, beverage, retail and packaging customers rely on us to make our service-sensitive appointments for them literally hundreds of times a week.

Our production-based fleets add value in our materials management, pickup and delivery, JIT production warehouse shuttles, and delivery to your customers. We pride ourselves in becoming entrenched in our customers’ supply chain.

We can custom engineer any type of technology solution to help your Private Fleet meet its objectives – from backhaul optimization to fleet engineering solutions. The best part? Our system can adapt to your system – you do not have to force fit into ours.

NFI Dedicated is part of NFI, one of the largest privately-owned, fully integrated supply chain solutions providers in North America. If you experience a surge or have the need for warehousing or intermodal services, we can provide those services to you immediately. We are asset-based and experienced in handling any type of situation that comes our way.

When you work with NFI Dedicated, every person who is assigned to your operation, from customer service to our driving associates, are proud that they work for you and your customers. Sometimes they forget they are employees of NFI because they identify so closely with our customers. That says a lot about the way we feel about your business.