NFI Solar

NFI Solar is the newest division of NFI

Here at NFI Solar, we are redefining the renewable energy development and energy efficiency retrofitting fields.  By taking an all-encompassing view, we can prepare our family of businesses and those of our peers for future generations.  We believe our eleven business Divisions, our customers, our employees and our communities can benefit from Solar. NFI is committed to renewable energy solutions. Let our solar energy company help your business prepare for the future.

NFI offers a number of solutions for your needs. Learn more about our logistics transportation, warehousing and distribution services online today.

Advantages of NFI Solar

The NFI Solar model is based on reducing the carbon footprint and increasing bottom-line savings.

The climate is right for green retro-fitting

  • Lowers energy bills
  • No costs to landlords or tenants
  • Minimizes potential for dramatic energy price increases
  • Provides "Green" credibility
  • It's the Right Thing to do

Recent Projects

Ribbon cutting ceremony of Solar Field in Vineland, NJ

Video Gallery

Site in Vineland, NJ

Solar Field Project in Vineland, NJ