Innovative Technology. Operational Flexibility. Our system can fit into your system or we can customize one for you.

Warehousing & Distribution

From regional companies to the Fortune 500, NFI provides warehousing and distribution services to customers of all shapes and sizes, with needs that vary as much as their individual businesses do.

NFI DistributionOur unique approach to distribution logistics and warehousing starts with an integration of our systems into our customers’ inventory/tracking systems, not the other way around as is customary. This means that we make our systems talk with yours, negating costly re-configuration of your own data functionalities.

If you would rather have a system that is customized to fit your needs, our best in class IT professionals can design one to meet your budgets and specifications.

Beyond our innovative technology, NFI’s services are truly tailored to your needs. Our operational flexibility creates cost efficiencies for small companies by harnessing the power of our vast network of warehouses and delivery systems. For large companies, our scale and capabilities create true custom solutions, including customer-specific warehouse locations and optimized transportation routes.

NFI Distribution LogisticsNFI’s decades of experience in distribution logistics and warehousing provides a cost-effective means for customers to reliably manage an integral component of the supply chain process reliably, seamlessly, and cost-effectively.

NFI core distribution logistics services include:

  • Dedicated & Shared use of Warehouse Facilities
  • Ambient & Temperature Controlled Storage
  • Inventory & Process Management
  • Cross Dock Operations
  • Seasonal Overflow Management
  • Food Grade Facilities

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View this timelapse footage of one week in a warehouse.