Let our team of supply chain logistics consulting experts help you with your next strategic step in the supply chain.


As a Supply Chain and Logistics professional, you may have been tasked with some challenging business situations – ones that are apt to keep you up at night. Situations like:

Will I have to move or close any plants to move closer to a customer base that has shifted?

Do I have too many distribution centers…or not enough? Are they in the right locations?

How do I successfully and seamlessly integrate the distribution network of the company I just acquired?

Do I have to open new plants to meet my growth needs?

Would a competitive bid improve my carrier base or rate structure?

Could a dedicated fleet or continuous moves and backhauls reduce my transportation costs?

Do I have the optimal distribution center layout to minimize labor and other costs – and does it meet all safety standards?

NFI Supply Chain Logistics Consulting has experience with all of these situations and we can offer you the breadth of our skills and capabilities in the form of advisory services. Our team has extensive experience in transportation, logistics, and warehousing, and is well-versed with the tools and methodologies required to analyze and improve complex supply chain networks.

NFI Consulting is staffed with logistics engineers, industrial engineers and supply chain experts.

We can offer many services that utilize proprietary software and leading third-party applications to bring you the best technology solutions available to help you save time and money. Some of those services include:

Tactical and Strategic Decision-Making

Make better decisions about the medium and long term direction of your supply chain network.

Network Analysis

We can show you how to save 5 – 20% to help you meet your strategic logistics planning goals.

Optimized Fleet Networks

Improve your fleet’s utilization, backhaul ratios and loaded-mile percentages.

Streamlined RFP Process

Build a comprehensive and streamlined RFP

Administer the process in an equitable and efficient manner to generate creative vendor solutions and maximize cost savings.

Warehouse Design and Analysis

Get the most products in the least amount of space yet allow for ease of machinery and inventory management.

Risk & Safety Programs
Fueling Services and Optimization
Driver Hiring and Retention

We will work with you to understand your goals and objectives, provide you with a detailed scope document, and schedule on-going progress meetings until your goal is met.

Let us help you solve those tough questions – we have the experience, the knowledge, and the references! Read other solutions NFI can offer in the following areas: transportation logistics, warehousing and distribution.