The NFI Fit Fleet

Everyday NFI works hard to advance our efforts to create and implement new and effective sustainable logistics solutions. Because we are a large truck fleet owner, we understand that what we do can actually have a positive or negative impact on the environment.

The trucking industry pollution statistics are not positive. According to government and industry statistics, 85% of the total value of U.S. cargo is trucked. Ground freight in the US is a major source of greenhouse gasses, responsible for 20% of CO2 emissions, 31% of particulate matter emissions and 40% of NOx emissions (USEPA). By holding ourselves to the highest standards of fuel conservation and doing everything within our power to decrease our carbon footprint, NFI is paving the way to a newer, cleaner transportation business.

Let us introduce you to the NFI Fit Fleet and the reasons why it deserves its name:

 NFI Sustainable Trucking


1. Super Single Tires

Super single tires produce less rolling resistance than their counter part, dual tires. Because the surface of the tire coming into contact with the road decreases with the usage of super singles, fuel efficiency increases.

2. Speed Governor

Speed Governors are installed in the engine of the truck and regulate the top speed capabilities of the tractor. We have chosen to limit the top speed of our fleet to 62mph, in the interest of increasing fleet fuel efficiency.

3. Biofuel

We are constantly researching the best alternative fuels to be used by our fleet. NFI Biofuel has implemented an emission decreasing alternative to diesel, called Biodiesel, which is currently being used in 4.4% of the fleet. It is a cleaner burning fuel that is helping us reach our goal of reducing NFI’s carbon footprint.

4. Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil lasts much longer in our trucks, which cuts down on the amount of waste oil produced by our fleet. In some cases it can increase fuel economy, and provide the engine with a longer and healthier operation time.

5. Automatic Tire Inflation Systems (on the trailers only)

We have installed auto tire inflation systems to keep our tires at just the right pressure at all times. These units monitor tire pressure and ensure that they maintain a safe and fully efficient level. If the pressure gets too low, fuel economy severely decreases.

6. Auxiliary Power Unit

These power units provide our drivers with completely emission free power when they are not on the roads. Traditionally, in order to draw power for the tractor, the engine would have to idle, but with our battery powered units, no fuel is burned and emissions are eliminated.

7. EPA SmartWay Affiliate

NFI has been an EPA SmartWay member since 2004. We have achieved the highest rating, 1.25, every year because of our relentless efforts to develop a truly environmentally friendly truck fleet. We proudly carry the EPA SmartWay Transport and Certified Clean Idle logos on the NFI Fit Fleet.

8. OmniVision Truck Monitoring System

These units, installed in the cabins of our tractors, allow us to monitor our fleets average miles per gallon as well as average idle time. Information like this is crucial, as we are always using this data to increase our efficiency, decrease idle time and improve driver performance.

9. Five Minute Idle Limit

 NFI has voluntarily restricted their entire fleet to a 5 minute idling time when they are at any warehouse.

10. Improved Truck Aerodynamics

NFI purchases the latest in new tractor and trailer models. These models are built with increasing improved aerodynamics to improve fuel efficiency and conserve fuel. Two major tractor manufacturers have asked NFI engineers for their input when building new tractor models.