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The NFI Impact

Sustainability Statement from NFI Chief Executive Officer Sidney Brown


NFI CEO Sidney Brown

 Running a sustainable business is vital to the health of this transportation & logistics company and to the environment. We work in an industry that can create a positive impact on the carbon footprint with every initiative we undertake.

Fuel conservation, limiting emissions, solar energy, recycling, and building to LEED standards – these are our guiding principles as we move forward and conduct business.

At NFI, being sustainable falls under one of our six core company values, the Social Responsibility Value. It is expected that each one of our employees come to work everyday, prepared to live up to this Value.

Our sustainability policy, The NFI Impact, is designed to reduce our carbon footprint and achieve our goal of becoming one of the leaders in supply chain sustainability.


Sidney Brown
Chief Executive Officer



What NFI is doing to make the world a better place to live in...

What a different world we live in today compared to ten years ago. Climate change, societal well being, clean energy and the environment are vital concerns to everyone, including supply chain companies. That is why we have examined our everyday business practices and implemented solutions that have driven NFI to become a leader in supply chain sustainability. From our large truck fleet to our corporate offices, NFI is now part of a very viable sustainability solution.

Explore some of the many ways in which NFI practices sustainability as well as one of our key values, social responsibility.