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Quick Facts

Corporate Headquarter Addresses:

1515 Burnt Mill Road
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
(856) 857-1324



Bernard A. Brown
Chairman of the Board
Sidney Brown
Chief Executive Officer
Ike Brown
Jeffrey S. Brown
NFI Company Presidents:
  • Jeffrey S. Brown, Vice-Chairman & President, NFI Real Estate
  • Ike Brown, President, Vice-Chairman, NFI Intermodal
  • Joe Roeder, President, NFI Transportation, Warehousing & Distribution
  • Robert Rusnov, President, NFI Canada
NFI Senior Management Team:
  • Steve Grabell, CFO
  • Scott Benton, CIO
  • Frank Raschilla, EVP
  • Rob Barron, EVP
  • Craig Bollinger, Senior Vice President, Risk Management
  • Scott Brucker, Senior Vice President/General Counsel
  • Nancy Stefanowicz, Senior Vice President, Human Resources
  • Bill Bliem, Senior Vice President, Fleet Services
Company at a Glance
  • Privately held
  • Over 20 million sq. ft. nationwide
  • 2,000 tractors, 6,700 trailers
  • 150+ refrigerated containers
  • 300 refrigerated trailers
  • One of the fastest-growing integrated supply chain solutions  providers
Markets Served